A few pet peeves:

  • When people (I’ll excuse tourists, I mean people who I know are Australian) don’t walk on the left side
  • When drivers don’t signal (it’s not just a pet peeve, it’s a fucking hazard)
  • When people chew loudly in quiet rooms
  • When people force their religious beliefs on others (religion is such a personal thing; shouting and preaching at those who aren’t voluntarily listening will not get you anywhere)
  • When people leave voicemails and don’t leave their name
  • When people openly contradict themselves (if you can’t match your actions to your holier-than-thou attitude, can it)
  • People who are of average build complaining about not being able to fit into clothes… 90% of stores cater specifically to your size…
In other news, life is still good. Organised my party after a few bumps, and unfortunately had to cut down on numbers, but it’s still shaping up to be amazing. The next month and a half will be so busy – open days, award ceremonies, mother daughter dinner, formal, graduation, muck up, study camp, my 18th birthday & party, friends’ 18ths, and then suddenly, the HSC!
I’ve received all of my marks for trials except for extension english. They aren’t great, but that blow is lessened by the fact that it’s the same with pretty much every one. I have great feedback though, so I know exactly which areas I need to work on before October! Right now, however, I’m just enjoying the downtime after the exams – preparing for the end of high school, powering through episodes of Dexter, etc. This downtime is much appreciated after those damn exams – I imagine I’ll be feeling this come November 4th, multiplied by 1000. Not long to go!

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